TO-DO (provisional)

Upstream Documentation

in docstubs:


in order to accept ifconfig() withouth any parameters from : configtuple: Optional[Any] to : configtuple: Optional[Tuple] = None


from: def config(self, param) -> Any: to: def config(self, param:str=””, **kwargs) -> Any:


Argument of type “Literal[0]” cannot be assigned to parameter “data” of type “bool” in function “write_pulses”   “Literal[0]” is incompatible with “bool”

from: def write_pulses(self, duration, data=True) -> Any: to: def write_pulses(self, duration:Union[List, Tuple], data:int=1) -> None:

or even better an overload

def write_pulses(self, duration:Union[List, Tuple], data:int=1) -> None:
def write_pulses(self, duration:int, data: Union[List, Tuple]) -> None:
def write_pulses(self, duration:Union[List, Tuple], data:Union[List, Tuple]) -> None:

working on it


  • how to run post-processing

  • how the debug setup works

stubber :

  • document - that gc and sys modules are somehow ignored by pylint and will keep throwing errors

  • add mpy information to manifest

  • use ‘nightly’ naming convention in

  • change firmware naming

frozen stubs

  • add simple ?

Stub augmentation/ merging typeinformation from copied / generated typerich info

  • test to auto-merge common prototypes by stubber ie. add common return types to make_stub_files.cfg


Unable to import ‘webrepl’ can include in common modules C:\develop\MyPython\micropython\extmod\webrepl\