• update board stubber to report pyboards as port=stm32

  • update filestructure to reflect this change in nameing


  • fix: stubber docstubs failed on methods and function definitions that were split across multiple lines.

  • fix: stubber clone must fetch and pull to get updates from upstream repos


  • fix: correct dependencies


  • fix: allow switch to micropython 1.9.x versions


  • unified different scripts into a single CLI tool

  • replace submodules with stubber clone command


  • add more clone test variants

  • fix incorrect mock

  • add minify mock tests

  • change coverage reporting to codecov only


  • add configuration option via in pyproject.toml

  • use config.stub_path for all-stubs

  • use typed config

  • use configured repo path everywhere

stubber cli

  • usr -t for –tag

  • make VERSION_LIST robust

  • gracefully handle get tags from non-exitant folder

  • use dynamic version list

  • add git switch


  • basicgit: accept Paths

  • add checkout version, refactor config and version

  • refactor postprocessing

Github Actions

wf: run stubber clone before tests

v1.6.3 minor cleanups


  • improve help

  • add update-fallback to cli

  • update toml with config

  • refactor functions from cli to utils

  • refactor utils

  • use repo path

  • default clone to repos folder

  • add version and logging control

  • change cmd init to clone


  • testspace: change codecov report type

  • refactor and improve tests & mocks


devcontainer: add git graph extension


Naming convention

  • use {family}-v{version}-{port} notation across all scripts and tools

  • updated documentation accordingly

  • single function to handle version names in various formats (clean_version)

  • requirements: pin dependencies to avoid differences when running acriss multiple machines.

  • get_mpy_frozen:

    • refactor module

    • checkout the matching commit of micropython-lib withouth this it is not possible to build stubs older versions due to a restructure of micropython-lib

  • bulk_stubber:

    • make more robust by including depedencies in the project.

    • detect pyboard based on USB VID & PID

    • prep autostubber for pybv11

  • manifest.json generation

    • improve core manifest.json information

    • improve support for grouping and sorting

stubber cli:

  • add init test & refector imports

  • fix tests

  • merge docstubs into stubber

  • reduce tests

  • merge get-all-stubs into stubber

  • merge get_all_stubs into stubber

  • add init

  • add stub and some tests

  • refactor minify and add -all option


  • change to use module tomlli(b)


  • update pyright config to reduce noise

firmware stubber

fw-stubber: clean up excepts


docs: fix tomllib docs: document the CLI for stubber using sphinx-click readme: add badges for pypi and codecov doc updates fix docbuild for poetry update totdos in source

docstubs: fix json import fix: black formatting across platforms

add settings and script for coverage reporting update snippets (origin/dev/snippets) snippets:add checks

Develop: fix: codespace poetry setup

#test test: fix fewer arguments tests: add firmware stubber version tests test: add missing toml test: add package == version == firmware stubber version tests test: basicgit - add mocktest git test: fix minify test remove unused imports

Github Actions:

wf: use poetry run and poetry install

pkg: updates to support poetry wf: poetry install verbose pkg: update actions to work with poetry pkg: Move all stubber files into module folder pkg: get version from poetry package pkg: move csv into package config: remove pylance config from vscode settings pkg: add data files

Use Poetry


  • bump distro from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0

  • bump pytest from 6.2.5 to 7.0.1

  • bump myst-parser from 0.16.1 to 0.17.0

  • bump coverage from 6.3 to 6.3.1

  • bump black from 21.12b0 to 22.1.0

  • bump libcst from 0.3.23 to 0.4.1

  • bump pytest-mock from 3.6.1 to 3.7.0

  • bump mpy-cross from 1.17 to 1.18


  • Add notes to docstrings/descriptions

  • (bluetooth_constants) doc: configure submodules

  • docs: add open in VSCode banner

  • textual and updates to version notation

  • Update


  • fix optional - Optional Parameters are not treated as optional

  • add docstubs validation

  • skip 3 stubs.

  • create umodules

  • allign to micropython PR and update tests

  • workaround for re.Match and smarter tests

  • fix module & Class constant handling & tests

  • Add = ... to module and class level constants to avoid errors when they are used as a default value in function of nethod


  • script update_modulelist, - write updates to: - board/modulelist.txt - board/

  • bulk_stubber: Copy generated/firmwarestubs to all-stubs/* use firmware-stubs path for temp storage

  • Update BulkStubber & getserial for esp32, esp8266 and stm32

  • minify.ps1: posix paths

  • bulkstubber: more versions


  • improve black formatting for subfolders

  • utils: do not use BaseException

  • config: pycache

  • data: add firmware modules

  • Multi-root with mpy-stdlib based on pico-go

  • utils.stubgen: re-apply refactor to avoid use of os.cmd or

  • utils.stubgen: refactor to avoid use of os.cmd or


  • add snippets to test mpy stdlib

  • validation: Add more snippets

  • update validation snippets

  • WS with pyright snippets

Github Actions:

  • wf: do not run minified tests twice, minify all


devcontainer: also init git submodules devcontainer: change python setup


test: fix test_socket _class test: fix return type and test deepsleep test: skip test_createstubs on windows + python 3.7 test: native test on windows, include db test on linux test: add createstubs_db on all platforms test: lower theshold to 25 stubs test: add native integration test for micropython_mem test: linux rest on ubuntu and debian, seperate branch / fail logic in docstubs test test: add additional firmwares test: waste less time in by reducing test size test: remove path test debug: fix debug config for tests debug: add missing debug property test: fix pessimistic test and make more robust

createsubs v1.5.4

Better exeptions fix missed updates to mem and stub variants

Change naming convention:

  • board: user {family}-v{version}-{port} notation

  • change name of master branch to main

stubber cli

  • fix: - rp2.PIO.irq

  • fix dequeue

  • revert re.match change

  • fixup re.match

  • add fixes for remaining Documentation errors

  • generate Exception Classes

  • fix test and default for machine.Pin.init

  • fix 3 Non-default argument follows default argument errors

  • run pyflake to remove unused imports

  • fix black parameters

  • no need to redefine Exception

  • use ‘Latest’ as a version tag for the most recent master

  • use v for version


  • pyright: restore exec environments test & board

  • get_frozen: improve force

  • get_frozen: run black on new/updated stubs

  • createstubs: support for RP2 , and accept kwargs for methods and functions

  • lobo: skip some modules

  • get_mpy: match_lib - add v1.18 rename to .csv

  • version: latest

  • basicgit: remove debugging code

  • basicgit: fix gettag ‘latest’

  • bulk_stubber: make more robust by adding the dependencies to the repo

  • get_frozen: clean collected modules - freeze to empty directory - block CI/CD manifest

  • get_mpy: for frozen modules: checkpout the matching commit of micropython-lib

  • mpy_frozen: refactor module

  • process: –source allows scriptname to be specified & add mpy-cross step

  • update_pyi : rename and more efficient updating find .pyi`s created in the wrong location and move them

  • Manifiest: release is optional

  • use version and bump version

  • get_mpy: improve porcessing of frozen modules V1.16 and newer

  • schema: change stubtype property

  • Module manifest: Sorting and add port name

  • update get-frozen

  • improve frozen manifest processing (#88)

  • utils: update clean version

  • createstubs* : Add stubtype to manifest - remove redundant try/catch

  • cleanup unused variables

  • use click


  • add scripts to simplify copy and updates

  • Merge generate stubs from documentation

Firmware stubber

  • createstubs: sample bootfile works on pyb & esp

  • createstubs: get_root can detect /sd cards


  • python requirements: pin versions

  • bump coverage from 6.2 to 6.3

  • bump sphinx from 4.3.2 to 4.4.0

  • add autoflake

  • bump mpy-cross from 1.16 to 1.17

  • bump myst-parser from 0.15.2 to 0.16.1

  • bump mypy from 0.930 to 0.931

  • bump sphinx from 4.3.1 to 4.3.2

  • bump rshell from 0.0.30 to 0.0.31


  • docs: update naming convention

  • fix stuborder image

  • Update

  • Naming convention

  • one less

  • add branch rename instructions

  • documented Docs to Stubs process


  • basic setup for stub validation

  • add code snippets for validation


  • fix: ensure that from __future__ ... is at start

  • add .pyi stubs for umqtt.robust Workaround for missing in source

  • fix: allow stubgen of async yield in stub (python 3.6) closes #137

  • fix Exception lineskip

  • fix: get_mpy - save&resore cwd

  • fix lobotest to match reduced modules

  • Fix core module sort order closes #68

Github Actions:

  • wf test: ensure artefact upload on error

  • wf: report coverage

  • testspace: use folders

  • pytest: upload to testspace

  • wf: allign naming


  • prep autostubber for pybv11

  • detect pyboard

code quality:

  • fix warnings

  • improve core manifest.json


  • test: fix testregression for latest version

  • tests: docstubs improve test of class documented as function

  • testspace script

  • test: add mpy-cross test and split to seperate folder

  • improve grouping

  • pytest - use matrix.os in test results

  • test: do not run pytest-cov

  • tests: drop utf-8 encoding

  • test : init logging

  • test : fix path

  • test: stabelize pyright & black detection

  • tests: skip basicgit tests

  • add integration tests for cmdline

improve docstubs

  • rst: cleaner import though use of all

  • document: debug subProcess

  • docstubs: fix random.choice(): Any

  • docstubs: workaround black on Py3.7


  • add header to modulelist

  • devcontainer: simpler requirements

  • utils: fix generating .pyi files from .py files with errors

  • fix: remove duplication fix minor issues

  • github: group logging


  • pin python version

  • pytest: add test markers

  • change ubuntu version detection to codename

  • add mark.minfied to linux tests add new platform markers

  • implement workaround for failing minified tests

  • tests: restructure board test to share testdata

  • add debug config

  • tests: fix minified tests

  • tests: improve & merge testing

  • test: linux detection++

  • tests: use pathlib and fix paths

  • clarify intentional error

  • remove duplicate tests

  • tests: Restucture Micropython on Cpython tests

  • tests: resolve issues due to sloppy imports in tests

  • stubgen test : add logging for python 3.7


  • minify all variants

  • also remove _log * lines

  • also: minimize

  • Fix: remove duplicate builtins from minified

  • minify : fix mpy-cross on Python 3.7


  • add normal and mem_constrained versions

  • add database variant

  • Save state to database and reboot on memory error

  • reduce complexity from createstubs to save ram possibly loosing some edge cases ++ docs

  • update to handle multi-file uploads to overcome esp8266 memory constraints

  • both normal and db work on esp8266 (report not done)

  • keep get_root and _info to allow for testing

  • update tests to clean-up sys.path after the tests

  • keep version in minified

  • use version move unneeded import of machine

  • gracefully handle missing modules.txt

  • stubber: fix firmwareid for mpy esp8266

  • stub_lvgl: fix version

Github Actions:

  • use posix path

  • workflow: test : on checkout fetch all branches and tags


  • do not keep generated API Docs

  • refactor documenation to more docs

  • add explanation om memory optimization.

  • add cloning of submodules

  • safer path insertion

Other :

  • add remote_stubber script

  • bulk_stubber: run black formatter after all downloads

  • remote_stubber: improve reporting

  • bulk stubber: make esp8266 work more reliable ESP32 WIP - scrips fail to upload

createstubs: v1.5.1

- get_root can detect /sd cards
- sample bootfile works on pyb1.1, esp323, esp8266

Documentation Stubs

  • avoid the use of BaseException - v1.4.3

  • significant memory optimisation for use on low-memory devices such as the esp8266 family

    • load the list of modules to be stubbed from a text file rather than as part of the source

    • use both minification and the mpy-cross compiler to reduce the claim on memory (RAM)


This is a potential breaking change for external tools that expect to either directly execute the script or upload only a single file to an MCU in order to stub.

  • the current process is automated in `remote_stubber.ps1’ - v1.4.2

  • Fixes a regression introduced in 1.4-beta where function definitions would include a self parameter.

minified - v1.4.1

  • Switched to use python-minifier for the minification due to the end-of-life of the previous minification tool The new minification tool produces more compact code, although that is still not sufficient for some memory constrained devices.

    • there are no functional changes,

    • the detection of Micropython was adjusted to avoid the use of eval which blocked a minification rule

    • several tests were adjusted


  • Add Sphinxs documentation

    • changelog

    • automatic API documentation for

      • (board)

      • scripts to run on PC / Github actions

  • Publish documentation to readthedocs

createstubs - v1.4-beta


    • improvements to handle nested classes to be able to create stubs for lvgl. this should also benefit other more complex modules.

  • added helper script - v1.3.16


    • fix for micropython v1.16

    • skip _test modules in module list

    • black formatting

    • addition of init methods ( based on runtime / static)

    • class method decorator

    • additional type information for constants using comment style typing

    • detect if running on MicroPython or CPython

    • improve report formatting to list each module on a separate line to allow for better comparison

  • workflows

    • move to ubuntu 20.04

      • move to test/tools/ubuntu_20_04/micropython_v1.xx

    • run more tests in GHA

  • postprocessing

    • minification adjusted to work with black

    • use mypy.stubgen

    • run per folder

      • verify 1:1 relation .py-.pyi

      • run mypy.stubgen to generate missing .pyi files

    • publish test results to GH

  • develop / repo setup

    • updated dev requirements (requirements-dev.txt)

    • enable developing on GitHub codespaces

    • switched to using submodules to remove external dependencies how to clone : git submodule init git submodule update

    • added black configuration file to avoid running black on minified version

    • switched to using .venv on all platforms

    • added and improved tests

      • test coverage increased to 82%

    • move to test/tools/ubuntu_20_04/micropython_v1.xx

      • for test (git workflows)

      • for tasks

    • make use of CPYTHON stubs to alle makestubs to run well on CPYTHON

      • allows pytest, and debugging of tests

    • add tasks to :

      • run createstubs in linux version