Using Micropython stubber

This section describes ho to use micropython-stubber to create and maintain stubs for a MicroPython firmware or project.

If you just want to use the stubs, then you can skip this section and instead read the documentation in the sister-repo [micropython-stubs][] section [using-the-stubs][]

Manual configuration

The manual configuration, including sample configuration files is described in detail in the sister-repo [micropython-stubs][] section [using-the-stubs][]

using micropython-stubber

You can install micropython stubber from PyPi using pip install micropython-stubber.

Using micropy-cli

‘micropy-cli’ is command line tool for managing MicroPython projects with VSCode If you want a command line interface to setup a new project and configure the settings as described above for you, then take a look at : [micropy-cli]

pip install micropy-cli
micropy init

Braden has essentially created a front-end for using micropython-stubber, and the configuration of a project folder for pymakr.

micropy-cli maintains its own repository of stubs.