PowerShell Scripts

A number of scripts have been written in PowerShell as that is one of my preferred scripting languages. Possibly these scripts could be ported to python , at the cost of more complex handling of OS processes and paths and ports.

(a PR with a port to Python would be appreciated)


The goal of this script is to run create_stubs on a set of boards connected to my machine in order to generate new stubs for multiple micropython versions

high level operation:

  • Scans the serial ports for connected esp32 and esp8266 devices using get-serialport.ps1 -chip

  • Uses a (hardcoded) list of firmwares including version + chip type

  • for each firmware in that list:

    • Selects the corresponding device and serialport

    • Flashes the micropython version to the device using flash_MPY.ps1

    • waits for the device to finish processing any initial tasks ( file system creation etc)

      rshell -p $serialport  --rts 1 repl "~ print('connected') ~" 


      This is quite sensitive to timing and requires some delays to allow the device to restart before the script continues.

      Also a bit of automated manipulation of the RTS (and DTR) signals is needed to avoid needing to press a device’s reset button.

    • Starts the minified version of createstubs.py

      $createstubs_py = join-path $WSRoot "minified/createstubs.py" 
      pyboard --device $serialport $createstubs_py | write-host
    • Downloads the generated machine-stubs

      # reverse sync 
      # $dest = path relative to current directory
      # $source = path on board ( all boards are called pyboard) 
      $source = "/pyboard/stubs"
      rshell -p $serialport --buffer-size 512 rsync $source $subfolder  | write-host

Minificantion and compilation

in order to allow createstubs to be run on low-memory devices there are a few steps needed to allow for sufficient memory

graph TD M[board\modulelist.txt] A[board\createstubs.py] -->|process.py minify| B(minified\createstubs.py) B --> |mpy-cross -O3|C[[minified\createstubs.mpy]] C -->|remote_stubber.ps1| D[esp32] C -->|remote_stubber.ps1| E[esp8622] M --> D[esp32] M --> E[esp8622]

Requirements & dependencies


  • esptool - to flash new firmware to the esp32 and esp8266

  • pyboard.py - to upload files and run commands (not the old version on PyPi)

  • rshell - to download the folder with stubs

PowerShell ../../Firmware

  • get-serialport.ps1

  • flash_MPY.ps1


  • ESP32 board + SPIRAM on USB + Serial drivers

  • ESP8266 board on USB + Serial drivers


Multiple boards can be connected at the same time. The script will select the first board of the corresponding type. If a board-type is not present, then no stubs for that device type will be generated.